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Believe Me: Why wouldn’t Anyone Believe her?

Believe Me, another show that showcases the morally corrupt side of our planet. But it’s a little more than that, it’s about women’s empowerment, about using your voice to bring a change and never letting anything or anyone hold you back from being the best version of yourself, and that’s exactly what Lisa McVey did.

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Lisa McVey

For those of you who haven’t watched this, your biggest question must be who is Lisa McVey? So here’s your answer. Lisa McVey was an extraordinary woman built of strength, willpower, and a big heart. She was knocked down many times, but she fought, she fought for her life and for justice for herself and women who suffered just as she did.

The story starts with her mum abandoning her and=d sending her to her grandparents which separates her and her sister. She is abused both emotionally and sexually by her own grandparents who don’t care for her. She provides for them by working at a café/restaurant.

On one of her night shifts she closes up and rides home on her bike when she notices she is being followed, she makes it home that day however the next is one she never wanted to see. She gets abducted and raped. Her rapist blindfolds her and keeps her with him. He continuously rapes her as he wished but she’s memorized where she is by the feel of the places she touched. She eventually makes him believe that she cares about him, so he lets her use that bathroom, when she gets there she removes her blindfold and sees where she is. 

Eventually, the kidnapper decides not to kill her as he had done with his other victims. He leaves her at a tree. When opens her blindfold and runs home. When her grandparents see her they don’t believe her. She still has to go to the police. No one believed her except one detective.

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True Crime

Believe Me, first aired on 30th September 2018 and was first released on Netflix on June 1st. Believe Me, is actually a true crime story and was based on the abduction of a 17-year-old played by Katie Douglas in Tampa Bay Florida. The serial killer went by the name of Bobby Joe Long in the 1980s. On the 3rd of November 1984, Lisa McVey was knocked off her bike and pulled into his car.

Now 54 years old, McVey works as a member of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, specializing in sex crimes and working to protect children. She also works as a school resource deputy at a middle school close to the original crime, and occasionally acts as a motivational speaker.                                                                                                                                             She remains good friends with Detective Larry Pinkerton, the first person in a position of power who believed her story. Using reverse psychology during her capture, McVey was able to form a bond with Long which may have secured her freedom

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The message of Believe Me

The harrowing true story of one extraordinary girl has inspired many. As we all know at that time justice and women’s rights and voices were all shut down. Most people who go through this would never have survived. All of the hobby-victims aside Lisa did not survive. But she didn’t let anything in her life limit her from raising her voice and never giving up

Even after she went through numerous amount of hardships, she made sure that nothing like this would ever have to happen to others again and so by using reverse psychology and getting the help of one kind-hearted detective, she helped solve the case of the decade.

By doing this she taught others that they don’t have to keep quiet either, or that by speaking up you can save countless amount of lives.

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Why wouldn’t anyone believe her?

The one question that still sticks is if that one detective hadn’t believed her would anyone else believe her? And why didn’t they believe her in the first place? Honestly speaking, women at that time didn’t have much of a say and Lisa was special because she didn’t care. She knew what had happened, they thought she was a messed-up teenager who didn’t have a good enough excuse for staying out late but that was far from it.

She was a brave teenager who challenged society and didn’t let what happened to her slide, because of how she grew up or what anyone else had to say about it. She wanted justice and she wanted to feel safe. She went through more than one detective including female detectives who thought what she said was an excuse, but she proved them wrong. I mean she went through hell and back so the saying you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover is true. I mean they shouldn’t have judged her because of her age and gender but given her a chance and put a little faith in her like detective Larry Pinkerton.

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