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Is ‘HALALoween’ even a thing? Halal or Haram?

That day is here again. Halloween-Known for pumpkins, costumes, and of course candies. But do you have all the candies and costumes for Halloween? Many Muslims are preparing to do tricks or treats with their children, but some spend the night at home or in mosques.

Today, Muslims are worried about having their children attend the celebration because of the pagan origin of the day. Apart from the fact that Halloween is a holiday to celebrate the dead, Halloween is believed to be the day when spirits from another world return to Earth. Many believe that this historic concept of Halloween has disappeared and is no longer strictly considered a religious celebration. Most people attend this evening just for candies or to allow their children to participate in the fun while sticking to their beliefs.

I asked various Muslims what they thought about Halloween. Do you believe in Haralo Vienna, or isn’t it?

Some people are rooting for Halloween:

“I’ve seen the onslaught of people who” haram “left and right on Facebook. In my opinion, it’s just for fun and can’t be hurt. Let your children use their imagination and have fun. It’s not a religious holiday these days. And I think it’s ridiculous for anyone who says Trick or Treat is begging for candy. The vast majority of regions of the United States follow unwritten codes. If the porch light is on, you can ring the doorbell. If you don’t want to participate, don’t answer! I think it’s an example of Muslims judging each other by stupidity when we all have a lot to work on. Have fun with your friends on Halloween and Alhamdurila about what others are doing. Don’t you like Halloween? Turn off the lights Very easily. Do not judge others, feel guilty or shame. What’s more, what’s wrong with having pagan roots? It is part of the common history of mankind. Maybe you shouldn’t ride because the heathen invented the wheel, right? Or maybe I’m just prejudiced because I’m jumping over Iran’s fire to reach spring. Ah. “ –Shabnam

” I think it’s okay for your child to enjoy Halloween (if you’re old enough), it’s just for fun. It is not intended to be worshiped by the devil. Living here is just a shield for children to protect themselves from many things. It is important to balance the children so that they do not rebel or think Islam is terrible. As a young man, it’s difficult to understand certain things. , So you have to tell them when the time comes. I’m definitely not there to celebrate Christmas or Easter, but that’s another topic. We are valued by our intentions and actions. So, if you have a clear intention, I think it’s okay. ” Sina

” No one (except perhaps a few madmen) celebrates this as a religious holiday. It’s just a fun celebration and it’s nothing wrong. The more isolated we are, the less we will be part of the world. In addition, the desires in me like genetically free ones, which include free candies. Bidding and future generations can turn innovation into tradition, and later generations can turn them into binding practices. But when we grew up, we did a trick or treat and dressed up, so we understand your point of view. It can be said that it does not affect Iman (I don’t know).” Aasma

“Muslims have two vows. period! The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is no exception to his birthday, and Sahaba is no exception. Why should I doubt this? Our Iman is what we are constantly working on to the grave. Or imagine it that way. The man who drank a few glasses of beer never got drunk, so I pray. Didn’t it affect my Iman because I’m still praying? Oh, but doing something haram affects our Iman. Leave room for excuses so that Shaytan can do more and more. We repent of our sins and vow not to repeat them. Then can we now inherit sin as a tradition? Who are we fooling around, are we ourselves? Camera

“Why don’t you celebrate and teach your children to celebrate our two vows? Then they won’t think it’s one of our vows.” Would you like to tell them well that it is not our tradition or culture? You can enjoy it at school without wearing an inch. In my opinion, Halloween is the work of the devil and we have to teach it to our children. “Halima

” We Muslims should not celebrate Halloween in any way! Basically, it teaches children to ask for candies. It’s morally wrong! Randa

“I honestly don’t even understand why I have a question. It’s annoying, and if anyone wants to make it happen, why not do a Christmas tree and an Easter egg hunt? Or Valentine’s Day? Halloween I think evil needs to take over in order to participate in. “Labia

As you can see, there are many different perspectives. Only Allah (SWT) knows best. If you’re at home and don’t attend tonight, have fun. If you’re attending a celebration, ensure fun and safety. Please!

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