You are currently viewing Squid game: Green Light Or Red Light, Is it worth the hype?

Squid game: Green Light Or Red Light, Is it worth the hype?

South Korea’s dystopian drama hit the heart of many. But is it really worth the hype or a trend followed by one too many? The hit series first aired on 17th September 2021 and introduced to us a group of people all tied by one malicious master….MONEY. This group of people was divided into two parts: hunters and prey. Now the question still stands: was this show ever really worth the hype. 

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What Actually Happened?

What is the Squid game really about? The thriller series is based on games that kids used to play in the 70s and 80s. It’s ultimately a game divided into two sides- attack and defense, the fictional survival game is to show the capitalist society which causes each of the 456 members to participate in life-threatening challenges to go home with 45.6 billion. 

Though the members did get a chance to leave, each of them returned after seeing that this was their only option at a good life. They say desperate measures cause desperate times? But little did they know that these desperate times were either going to end in a coffin or emotionally scar them for life. The games they played as kids would now be the cause of their death or wealth.   

The contestants participate in six games and in each game many are eliminated. 456 players to 1, damn that’s a ton of coffins. The first is red light green light in which those who move during red light are shot. The second involves trying to cut one of 4 shapes out of a honeycomb without breaking it otherwise you know the consequences. In the third game, the contestants are put in groups of ten where they end up playing tug of war, the losing team of each round falls to their death. The fourth game is in pairs where each team plays the game of their choice with marble and the losing player gets shot. The fifth game is where the players choose a number from 1-16 where they are like pawns on a chessboard crossing a bridge made of fragile glass. One wrong move and death awaits you

The sixth and final game is the squid game in which the remaining two battle for their lives and the prize money. They are both given knives. let’s see what they do.

The mastermind behind it all

The mastermind behind it all. Who was it? and for those of you who did know. Were you surprised because I sure was? I would’ve never guessed that the old man we all thought was realistically going to die seconds with the first game would be the brains behind this sick operation.

Player number one was never our first suspect, was he? I mean we kind of all felt sorry for him and his old age. His acting though… on point. Now why he created the game and why he even bothered to participate is the real question. Well, he was always wealthy, he didn’t even need the money, he was just old and looking for entertainment, but watching a movie wasn’t enough for him, he wanted a game.                                                  

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Now everyone including him knew he was going to die so as the manipulative person he is, he let them choose. He made sure they got a chance to leave, and he knew they would come back but this way karma wouldn’t be chasing him.

He gathered 456 players who were tired of getting kicked around and we’re all after one thing…..MONEY. he put together kids’ games and decided to be number one, however, he knew wasn’t going to die after playing. This wasn’t the first time he’d done this, so he knew how to win and when to plan an exit.

He watched as the players killed themselves and others with no remorse like animals trapped in a cage. It was practically a live performance for him. He knows when to call the “guards”. Right after the fourth game, he pretended to lose and exited the game unnoticed. 

The Real Villain of The Show

The villain. I mean who was the villain of the show. Was he really who we thought he was? I mean at first, I thought it was Jang Deok-Su player 101. If you still don’t know, the muscle gangster dude who basically bullied everyone there. He was always seen as the “villain” of the show, but he never really was.

Let me introduce you to the real villain Cho Sang-woo player 218. Now some of you may be surprised but clap back to reality people. He was the biggest manipulator in the show. He had no remorse for anyone he played with his friends he let them die he willingly killed one near the end. He was literally in it to win it. He would’ve killed everyone if he could.

He was really deceptive. I mean he would’ve killed you if you were in the show too. He became friends and made a team and if they came in his way they died. I mean I feel sorry for Ali player 199 who trusted him the most and got tricked and well died.

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Green Or Red

In my opinion, it’s definitely a green light, it’s a show with everything. Struggling friendship, betrayal, evil, and being really clever. I mean they’re all kids’ games. It’s an addictive show and most importantly, Damn I can’t wait for season 2 I’m sure all you can agree.

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